Amazon surpassing Walmart on Google Trends

In the past year it seems that Amazon keeps getting the upper hand when it comes to which company a customer prefers when buying goods. Both Amazon and Walmart are known to be retailers. A place where people can buy clothes, electronics, and appliances.

Founded on 1962 Walmart is known for its great discounts and as their slogan says “save money” on products.  The company has been going strong since then and hasn’t been affected by any of the other competitions in retail. That is until Amazon came along.

Walmart logo

Amazon was established on 1994. Amazon has been growing on expanding their products since. It is an online store where people can buy electronics, supplies, and clothes. The only missing piece is fresh food. However, Amazon also allows people to sell things on their website. Amazon is convenient for people who don’t want to physically go buy something.

Amazon logo

According to Google Trends, in the past year Amazon has trended more than Walmart, and it seems that it just keeps rising. November 18-24 Walmart trended more than Amazon. However, currently Amazon is in the lead.  On average Amazon trends at 66%, while Walmart falls at a 46%. On average all the States seem to prefer Amazon over Walmart except in West Virginia, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Arkansas, and Oklahoma where Walmart reigns supreme.  

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