Streaming Service battle, who is the most popular?

Graph by Fernanda Gonzalez

Interactive chart here

Streaming service has come a long way since it first began. First we had Netflix which came out in 1997.  Netflix first began as a DVD rental company and evolved into a streaking service where they offer films, shows, and original content. 

Then came Amazon Prime Video. Amazon decided to get in on the streaming action by releasing their own streaming platform. This streaming service was released in 2006. They offer tv shows, movies, and original content. 

After them Hulu got into the competition. Hulu is also a streaming service which was released in 2007. Hulu offers movies, tv shows, original content, and live TV.

Over the years Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon have been competing to be the top streaming service however they have a new competition to keep an eye on. Disney recently released Disney plus on November 12, 2019. Through November 10-16, 2019 Disney plus was trending at 100%. This is because those were the day’s that the service launched. However, currently Netflix is at the top of the trending graph with 46%, Hulu second with 13%, Amazon Prime video and Disney plus with an equal 8%. Based on the graph above it seems that Netflix has managed to keep people interested in their service as opposed to the other streaming services. Thus, netflix is the most popular overall. 

Soft Drinks battle to come on top, who is victories?

By Fernanda Gonzalez

Interactive chart here,

Soft drinks have been around for a long time some more than others. Coca-Cola was first founded in 1892 by a pharmacist in Atlanta named John S. Pemberton, he originally wanted to base his drinks on cocaine however it was later removed. Over the years coca-cola has become one of the most well-known soft drinks and has partnered up with a lot of other companies and organizations to promote their drink. They’ve partnered up with WWF, The Olympics, USAID, and many more.

The next most recognizable soft drink would be Pepsi. Pepsi was founded in 1893, one year after Coca-Cola, by a pharmacist named Caleb D. Bradham. The reason he created this drink was to have the same success Coca-Cola had. The original name for the drink was “Brad’s drink’ however, it later changed to Pepsi-Cola. Pepsi has also partnered up with a lot of businesses. One of their most recognizable partnerships would be with the NFL also known as the Super bowl.

As the chart above illustrates Coca-Cola is by far the most popular soft drink in the United States. What’s surprising to know is that Coca-Cola even topped Pepsi during the Super bowl. As you can see above during February 2-8 Coca-Cola was top trend over Pepsi with 71% and Pepsi with 26%. No doubt that even on Pepsi’s most advertised date Coca-Cola will come out on top.

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