Coronavirus: Facts, Symptoms, and Myths

View Interactive Graph here

The coronavirus disease also known as the COVID-19 is a newly discovered virus. It is said that the virus most likely originated from Wuhan, China. Also, it is believed it came from a “wet market” also known as a live-animal market.

At the beginning people were not as concerned of the virus. However, as the time passed the virus became a pandemic around the world. What began in China spread worldwide. Currently there are 372,757 cases with 16,362 deaths worldwide, and 196 countries affected. As of right now there is no cure for the virus however, scientists around the world are working hard to find a cure.

As the graph above states people can stay safe by washing their hands, stay at least 3 feet away from people in order to prevent the virus from spreading.

One thing people should be more cautious about is the misinformation that is being spread online. One of the biggest issues according to CNN is WhatsApp. WhatsApp is an app where people can send messages between people. The problem with this is that it spreads a lot of misinformation about the virus which is bad because people actually believe it and it can do real harm to people.

In order to be as safe as possible during this world crisis, it is important to understand the facts as well as the myths.

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